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  • Living in France A American moms first 2-weeks during Lockdown

    American mom’s first two weeks living in France during Lockdown

    American mom’s first two weeks living in France during Lockdown. How this U.S. family handled living in France during confinement? There’s something quite daunting about moving to a foreign country. There are many unknown variables, and then you toss in a countrywide lockdown. As a U.S. family residing in France during confinement, I did my […]

  • Moving homes in 2020 is a hott mess

    Moving Homes in 2020 is a Hot Mess

    Moving homes in 2020 is a Hott Mess. Changing apartments in NYC is Trainwreck! Moving apartments this year should have been simple. I’ve changed residences in NYC more than I like to admit. Relocating houses is a stress-inducing procedure, peeps. Packing with a baby and dog in tow is equivalent to walking barefoot on the […]

  • Indoor activities for babies in the south of France

    Indoor Baby Activities in the South of France

      Reevaluating Travel Plans   I never thought I would have to worry about Indoor Baby Activities in the South of France. We are the type of family who loves to travel with our baby despite how difficult it may be. However, travel came to a crashing halt with the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in […]

  • Essential Baby Travel Guide. A Holiday Road Trip Edition

    Essential Baby Travel Guide: Holiday Road trip Edition

    The holiday season is a magical time of year no matter who you are. Yes, it can prove to be stressful with extended families coming into town, the dreaded political debates, or the fact that your twice removed cousin has forgotten where they parked their car 😅. Yes, the smells of savory food and lovely […]

  • Top 10 Airbnb and HomeAway French Rentals in Montpellier

    Top 10 Airbnb & HomeAway French rentals in Montpellier

    We are all guilty of searching for rentals in the South of France. I’ve spent most of my childhood dreaming of laying out on the beach with the sun on my skin with Southern France as my backdrop. My Google search bar was cluttered with french rentals in Montpellier. Followed by Top Airbnb Rentals in […]