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  • how to find french blogs in english

    How to find french blogs in English

    Start: Find french blogs in English Since I was little, I’ve always had a fascination with the French culture and the French language. Naturally, when I married a Frenchman, my curiosity grew. Now here I am blogging all about France. Before I wrote my first blog, I decided to do some research on French blogs […]

  • master your valentine's day with french inspired ideas

    5 Ways to Master Your Valentine’s Day: Easy French Inspired Ideas

    I decided to write about the 5 Easy way to master your French Inspired Valentine’s Day because I normally am not the type of person to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I don’t yearn for flowers (I am allergic, but that’s a story for another post). This time five years ago I would be sitting at home […]

  • Travel Checklist for the south of France: Montpellier

    Travel checklist for the South of France: Montpellier

    Before I moved to New York in 2015, I never left the US. The furthest The Bird had traveled was to Disney World, and that was done in a car 😆. My then-boyfriend turned husband sprang the idea of visiting his family in Montpellier, France sometime in February 2016. Oh goodness… only a few months […]