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5 Ways to Master Your Valentine’s Day: Easy French Inspired Ideas

I decided to write about the 5 Easy way to master your French Inspired Valentine’s Day because I normally am not the type of person to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I don’t yearn for flowers (I am allergic, but that’s a story for another post). This time five years ago I would be sitting at home with a bag of chocolates and contemplating what to watch on Hulu or Netflix for the big exciting day. Yes, I love getting romantic gestures the same as the next but I never liked the idea of just celebrating your partner for just one day.…

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Rescue Dogs: Adopt Don’t Shop, Coco Bacon finds her forever home

Planting the seed early, rescue dogs rule! Rescue dogs are the best! Adopt don’t shop, are the words I remember hearing when I was a little girl. Everyone on the block had a pet. Mr. Jimmy had three or four cats for sure. The twins who lived further down had two Great Danes. My best friend had a Pomeranian poodle. Everyone and their mother had a pet! I would ask my parents, “how do I get a pet too”? My parents would burst out laughing and reply with the subtle, “honey, you have five sisters.” Right then and there, I…

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Becoming a US Citizen: A Frenchman turned naturalized American

Can anyone understand the French Accent? Everything Yannick knew of the States had come from what saw on television as a child. The music he listed to was American. The popular T.V. shows and movies were American. The clothes I think they were French actually. Needless to say, when Mr. French (Yannick) arrived in the States in the winter of 2010, he was curious to see if all he saw on the television was the same in real life. Would people speak the same way they did on Friends? Was New York as smelly in the summer? Can anyone understand…

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Travel checklist for the South of France: Montpellier

Before I moved to New York in 2015, I never left the US. The furthest The Bird had traveled was to Disney World, and that was done in a car 😆. My then-boyfriend turned husband sprang the idea of visiting his family in Montpellier, France sometime in February 2016. Oh goodness… only a few months to get things in order. I never imagined a world in which: 1. I would be on a plane traveling across the Atlantic. 2. In a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language. 3. Meeting my potential in-laws! My brain was frantically trying to…

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Essential Baby Travel Guide: Holiday Road trip Edition

The holiday season is a magical time of year no matter who you are. Yes, it can prove to be stressful with extended families coming into town, the dreaded political debates, or the fact that your twice removed cousin has forgotten where they parked their car 😅. Yes, the smells of savory food and lovely wafs of sweet-smelling pie seem to wash away all the anguish; however, there’s something that never seems to get easier, especially with the holidays! TRAVELING WITH A BABY! I used to think the hardest task in life was traveling with my beloved Coco Bacon. This…

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