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Fête des Pères in France is Father’s Day

  Fête des Pères, is Father’s Day in France as you may have guessed       We celebrate Fête des Peres (Father’s Day) in France every third Sunday in June. To start, Father’s Day is not a public holiday, so if your pêre (dad) works Sundays, he may want to take the day off. For me, Father’s Day is extra special. I get to celebrate my Dad, my Stepdad, and my husband all in one day.   The holiday has religious origins in France. It’s no surprise that France has been celebrating Father’s Day since the Middle Ages during its Catholic…

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Moving Homes in 2020 is a Hot Mess

Moving homes in 2020 is a Hott Mess. Changing apartments in NYC is Trainwreck! Moving apartments this year should have been simple. I’ve changed residences in NYC more than I like to admit. Relocating houses is a stress-inducing procedure, peeps. Packing with a baby and dog in tow is equivalent to walking barefoot on the hot cement. Now you add a sprinkle of stay-at-home-orders, quarantines, lockdowns, and COVID-19, and you’re asking for a move from hell.     The trainwreck of moving apartments New York City is not for the faint of heart. It’s a city full of what I…

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How to Celebrate Easter (Pâques) Stuck at Home: Coronavirus Dilemma

When you read Easter is in danger of being canceled, your brain can start to think about how to Celebrate Easter Stuck at Home. It’s genuinely a Coronavirus Dilemma. In France, Easter is known as Pâques. Macron announced Easter would most likely be canceled, leaving the French people to spend Pâques stuck at home this year. I am guilty of reading every news article that mentions Plâques stuck at home. My computer screen has become my permanent newspaper for all things CORONA! The more I saw the headlines, “Quarantine to postpone Easter,” I realized Easter cannot be canceled. We simply have…

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Indoor Baby Activities in the South of France

  Reevaluating Travel Plans   I never thought I would have to worry about Indoor Baby Activities in the South of France. We are the type of family who loves to travel with our baby despite how difficult it may be. However, travel came to a crashing halt with the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the South of France. The Delort’s had to reevaluate our travel plans quickly. We ultimately decided to stay at home with our little one vs. moving to France at our original departure date. Quarantining indoors meant having to find indoor activities for our baby. It’s…

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How to find french blogs in English

Start: Find french blogs in English Since I was little, I’ve always had a fascination with the French culture and the French language. Naturally, when I married a Frenchman, my curiosity grew. Now here I am blogging all about France. Before I wrote my first blog, I decided to do some research on French blogs in English. How does someone find the best French blogs written in English today? What are the French blogs about today? Do people actually care to read French blogs in English? All of these questions were running through my head like wildfire.  You may also…

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