I thought the hardest part of my life would be moving to a city where I didn’t know a sole. I’ve quickly realized that balancing being a mother and wife are no joke. | Je pensais que le plus dur de ma vie serait de déménager dans une ville où je ne connaissais pas de semelle. Je me suis vite rendu compte que l’équilibre entre la mère et la femme n’est pas une blague

Indoor Baby Activities in the South of France

  Reevaluating Travel Plans   I never thought I would have to worry about Indoor Baby Activities in the South of France. We are the type of family who loves to travel with our baby despite how difficult it may be. However, travel came to a crashing halt with the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the South of France. The Delort’s had to reevaluate our travel plans quickly. We ultimately decided to stay at home with our little one vs. moving to France at our original departure date. Quarantining indoors meant having to find indoor activities for our baby. It’s…

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Essential Baby Travel Guide: Holiday Road trip Edition

The holiday season is a magical time of year no matter who you are. Yes, it can prove to be stressful with extended families coming into town, the dreaded political debates, or the fact that your twice removed cousin has forgotten where they parked their car 😅. Yes, the smells of savory food and lovely wafs of sweet-smelling pie seem to wash away all the anguish; however, there’s something that never seems to get easier, especially with the holidays! TRAVELING WITH A BABY! I used to think the hardest task in life was traveling with my beloved Coco Bacon. This…

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