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  • The best apps to learn French

    The Best Apps to Learn French: Tested by an Expat

    Heading into 2021, I am continuously thinking about the best apps to learn French. Learning French by app is the way I’ve learned French thus far. As an American Expat living in France, it’s been my go-to method of learning. I know what you’re thinking, how can you possibly learn French via an app. Well, the […]

  • Do the French Hate Halloween? American Invasion to Blame?

    Do the French Hate Halloween? American Invasion to Blame?

    Do the French Hate Halloween? American Invasion to Blame? Halloween in France. All Saints’ Day. La Toussaint! Oh, where do I begin?  My relationship with Halloween is one of a curious nature. I grew up in a small Christian town in Pennsylvania with six sisters. Needless to say, my parents always had their eyes on us. They […]

  • Fête des Pères Father's Day in France

    Fête des Pères in France is Father’s Day

      Fête des Pères, is Father’s Day in France as you may have guessed       We celebrate Fête des Peres (Father’s Day) in France every third Sunday in June. To start, Father’s Day is not a public holiday, so if your pêre (dad) works Sundays, he may want to take the day off. For […]

  • how to celebrate easter trapped at home: coronavirus dilemma

    How to Celebrate Easter (Pâques) Stuck at Home: Coronavirus Dilemma

    When you read Easter is in danger of being canceled, your brain can start to think about how to Celebrate Easter Stuck at Home. It’s genuinely a Coronavirus Dilemma. In France, Easter is known as Pâques. Macron announced Easter would most likely be canceled, leaving the French people to spend Pâques stuck at home this year. […]

  • how to find french blogs in english

    How to find french blogs in English

    Start: Find french blogs in English Since I was little, I’ve always had a fascination with the French culture and the French language. Naturally, when I married a Frenchman, my curiosity grew. Now here I am blogging all about France. Before I wrote my first blog, I decided to do some research on French blogs […]