Moving to France

The complete guide for moving to France from America. Complete with how to move your dog to France, how to move your baby to France.

American mom’s first two weeks living in France during Lockdown

American mom’s first two weeks living in France during Lockdown. How this U.S. family handled living in France during confinement? There’s something quite daunting about moving to a foreign country. There are many unknown variables, and then you toss in a countrywide lockdown. As a U.S. family residing in France during confinement, I did my best to enjoy all the obstacles as they arose. After all, I survived lockdown in a New York City box, so the next two weeks were bound to be a delight.  Read my previous post, “Moving homes in 2020 is a Hott Mess”, to see…

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Moving Homes in 2020 is a Hot Mess

Moving homes in 2020 is a Hott Mess. Changing apartments in NYC is Trainwreck! Moving apartments this year should have been simple. I’ve changed residences in NYC more than I like to admit. Relocating houses is a stress-inducing procedure, peeps. Packing with a baby and dog in tow is equivalent to walking barefoot on the hot cement. Now you add a sprinkle of stay-at-home-orders, quarantines, lockdowns, and COVID-19, and you’re asking for a move from hell.     The trainwreck of moving apartments New York City is not for the faint of heart. It’s a city full of what I…

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