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American Mom French State of Mind backyard wedding in the South of France, Montpellier France
American Mom French State of Mind backyard wedding in the South of France

Coucou, I’m Natasha, The American French Mom behind American Mom – French State of Mind.

After living in Pennsylvania all my life, I decided to make a significant change by moving to New York City in 2015. Who knew I would meet my French hubby, Yannick, in a city of 8 million people ❤️.

I wanted an outlet to express my unique perspective as a wife to a native Frenchman who sometimes has conflicting views on my American ones. A place to help readers like you achieve your French adventures without breaking the bank. ⠀

Therefore, in 2019, shortly after having my baby, American French Mom was created as an Expat Family Travel resource for travelers that want an authentic, affordable French lifestyle.⠀

My mission is to support families on their French adventure while never settling on your dreams due to Finances. I will help you confidently travel & live in the South of France without breaking the bank, all while discovering France’s beauty

We now have a beautiful baby girl, Jeanne, & our rescue dog Coco Bacon. Follow the journey, as we embarked on our French adventure, after taking a risk by moving to France during the pandemic.

My French Inspirations for a French State of Mind

Mon Marie: Yannick Delort

Native Frenchman with tattoos
YANNICK DELORT @YANNICKDELORTCOIFFURE French husband to Natasha, the American Mom


Yannick, the native Frenchman from Montpellier, is Papa to baby Jeanne, and my partner in crime. Previously, he spent his days touring Europe as part of a rock band. Now “Mr. French” continues playing music with myself while also catering to an impressive salon clientele. Although I’ve deemed Yannick “Mr. French,” a large chunk of his identity is shaped through his 10-year experience in America. After much thought, this Native Frenchman decided to become a U.S. Citizen while living in New York City.

“Lou,” as his French friends would say, answers the reader’s burning questions about France from the native perspective on the “Lundi Loup Asks” page of American Mom – French State of Mind. Be sure to head over to Lundi Loup Asks every Monday for updated content.

Mon Bébés: Jeanne & Coco

Black American Mom in  Beausoleil France with baby
Natasha Delort, the American French Mom in Beausoleil France with baby Jeanne May 2020

Baby Jeanne

Born July 17, 2019, Jeanne named after her great-grandmother and nod to Jeanne d’Arc, has changed my life for the better every day. Nothing can prepare you for being a parent, but she teaches me every day that we are in this together. She’s given me the courage to start this Expat family lifestyle blog even though I was scared. 

French State of Mind Coco Bacon at Animal Haven NYC Rescue Shelter
Coco Bacon at Animal Haven NYC Rescue Shelter


Coco Bacon, The Rescue Dog

This 14 lb chihuahua mix rescue from Animal Haven NYC, has filled my world with affection and adventure. The French State of Mind is what comes to mind when I see Coco. She’s unapologetically herself. They both are the best travel buddies and bébés a mom can ask for.

Visit https://animalhaven.org/adopt/ to rescue an animal

Fun Facts about this American Mom

🐥  My nickname is “the little bird” … peep peep peep
😎  I’m 1 of 6 girls
🇺🇸  3 of my sisters are United States Marines ⠀
😂  I laugh when I’m nervous
♏️  I’m a Scorpio ⠀
🎶  I love to sing & write music with my hubby ⠀
🇫🇷  I’ve been teaching myself the French language by using an app ⠀

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