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American Mom - French State of Mind

Lifestyle blog about an American mom with a unique French view

Lifestyle blog about an American mom with a unique French view

Lifestyle blog about an American mom with a unique French viewLifestyle blog about an American mom with a unique French view

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American Mom - French State of Mind lifestyle blog is about Natasha Delort's unique perspective as a wife to a native Frenchman who sometimes has conflicting views to her American ones. Natasha, The American French Mom, was born one cold November afternoon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the second oldest in the line of six girls and therefore strived to be the center of attention with her parents. The better part of her childhood was in a predominantly white suburban small town with her five sisters, mom, dad, and stepfather. Natasha grew up singing, writing music, and being enamored by the big city so in 2015 she made the big move to New York City. Fast forward five years later and she's married with a dog and a baby!  Raising a child in a bicultural world, while simultaneously keeping your sanity is a tall order.  To find out more about the women behind American French Mom, follow her Instagram page @natashadelort

Fun Facts: Natasha refers to herself as the little bird. Her favorite words are peep peep peep. Her three youngest sisters are United States Marines.

Yannick Delort @yannickdelortcoiffure

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Mon Marie: The native Frenchman from Montpellier, France, father to Jeanne Delort, and my partner in crime. Mr. French, as I call him, spent his days in France touring Europe as part of a rock band and continues playing music with myself and friends while also catering to an impressive salon clientele at Ion Studio in Soho, New York. Mr. French helps with the french aspects of the American french lifestyle blog as well. For hair booking inquiriesvisit:

Lifestyle Blog includes: Jeanne Delort @joanofgold and Coco Bacon

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Mon Bébés! Born July 17, 2019, Jeanne named after her great-grandmother, with a play on Jeanne d'Arc, she has changed my life for the better every day. Nothing can prepare you for being a parent but she teaches me every day that we are in this together. Coco Bacon, the 14lbs chihuahua mix rescue from Animal Haven NYC, who's full of bubbles, cuddles, and barks. Although this lifestyle blog is about an American french mom, it is more so about our adventures together. They both are the best travel buddies and bébés a mom can ask for. Visit to rescue an animal


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