Fête des Pères in France is Father’s Day

Fête des Pères Father's Day in France


Fête des Pères, is Father’s Day in France as you may have guessed



Pere and bebe celebrating Fete des Peres in France
Yannick and Jeanne in Mudaison swimming as Fête des Pères approches


We celebrate Fête des Peres (Father’s Day) in France every third Sunday in June. To start, Father’s Day is not a public holiday, so if your pêre (dad) works Sundays, he may want to take the day off. For me, Father’s Day is extra special. I get to celebrate my Dad, my Stepdad, and my husband all in one day.


The holiday has religious origins in France.

It’s no surprise that France has been celebrating Father’s Day since the Middle Ages during its Catholic days. The origin of “Fêtes des Pères” in France, centers around St. Joseph, the “foster father” to Jesus Christ. Celebrating Father’s Day was religious due to its roots. Now, the festival has less spiritual meaning and more commercial influence.


I credit this to the secularism and religious freedoms (laïcité) in France.



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Backyard barbeque in France is my ideal way to celebrate Father's Day in France
Backyard barbeque in France is my ideal way to celebrate Father’s Day in France.


Has Fête des Pères become too commercialized?


I often wonder how American has influenced holidays around the world. Holidays that may have had “pure” intentions now have turned into commercialized wants. I’ve seen this happen with Christmas and Easter and, of course, Valentine’s Day. My belle-mere, MC, always tells me about how Mothers and Fathers should be celebrated every day and not just one day out of the year.

There are endless materialist commercials around Father’s Day on American TV. Next thing you know, fruitless trinkets instead of the desired meaningful token of love are bought. My parents love getting gifts on Mother’s Day and Fête des Pères, BUT they cherish handwritten or handmade treasures more.



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Father figures and baby celebrating Father's in Day in France and USA
My dad and Jeanne at my sister’s house. Father figures and baby celebrating Father’s in Day in France and the USA


Celebrating on the American or French date?


This year Father’s Day, Fête des Pères in France falls on Sunday, June 21. Unlike for Fête des Meres, Yannick (my French hubby) won’t have to choose which date to celebrate. This year, Father’s Day and Fêtes des Pères are on the same date. 

Last month I celebrated Mother’s Day in France this year simply because we were in France when the holiday arrived. There’s something special about celebrating Fête des Mères in France for me. My baby is Franco-American; therefore, a piece of me feels French.

As for Yannick, he’s a native Frenchman, so he will always choose to celebrate on the French date.


Fete des Peres barbeque in France
Typical of what would take place on Fête des Peres. Celebrating with a barbecue in France



Dates for Fête des Pères & Father’s Day in France

  • Fête des Pères 2021 – Sunday, 20 June
  • Father’s Day 2021: Sunday, June 20

  • Fête des Pères 2022 – Sunday, 19 June
  • Father’s Day 2022: Sunday, June 19

  • Fête des Pères 2023 – Sunday, 18 June
  • Father’s Day 2023: Sunday, June 18

  • Fête des Pères 2024 – Sunday, 17 June
  • Father’s Day 2024: Sunday, June 16

  • Fête des Pères 2025 – Sunday, 15 June
  • Father’s Day 2025: Sunday, June 15



How was your Father’s Day? Let me know in the comments below.





  1. 25/06/2020 / 21:42

    It’s always weird to me that Fathers day seems consistent Worldwide but mother’s day is different. In the UK it’s in March, compared to May in USA.

  2. Melanie williams
    26/06/2020 / 10:39

    We lost my father many years ago and usually have a family meal but have not been able to do so this year, but we are planning this later in the year x

    • 27/06/2020 / 14:49

      Hi Melanie,

      Sorry to hear about the loss of your father. We wanted to have a dinner this year or possibly go out to a restaurant. There were some restaurants open but only for like 1-3 ppl which kind of defeated the purpose of going out. Fingers crossed next year will be better.

  3. 26/06/2020 / 20:00

    That’s very interesting. It is always curious how celebrating of father’s day traditions vary from family to family and even more form country to country, It’s really nice to see it celebrated in France

    • 27/06/2020 / 14:51

      Hi Lyosha,

      Yes, it’s celebrated here but you would almost forget the holiday is happening. I didn’t see too many commercials or sales advertising for Fete des Peres. Oddly enough Father’s Day in the USA

  4. 30/06/2020 / 20:12

    Such a great post on such an important holiday. There was nothing like becoming a parent to really make me start appreciating my own parents!

    • 01/07/2020 / 20:01

      Hi Liz,

      I’m glad you agree. I love celebrating with my parents as well

  5. 30/06/2020 / 20:32

    It’s great to learn about holidays in other cultures, especially when the main idea of the holiday is the same in many countries, but is celebrated so differently, like Father’s Day. Thank you for sharing how it’s celebrated in France. Being from Germany and living in the US, I’ve also seen a big difference. In Germany, Father’s Day is always on a Thursday (coinciding with a Christian holiday) – and mostly celebrated by men meeting up in groups, preferably by bike and with lots of beer, which they then drink together and without their children or the mothers of their children. I guess it’s celebrating having a “day off” from being a father? 😀

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