Moving Homes in 2020 is a Hot Mess

Moving Homes in 2020 is a Hott Mess

Moving homes in 2020 is a Hott Mess. Changing apartments in NYC is Trainwreck! Moving apartments this year should have been simple. I’ve changed residences in NYC more than I like to admit. Relocating houses is a stress-inducing procedure, peeps. Packing with a baby and dog in tow is equivalent to walking barefoot on the hot cement. Now you add a sprinkle of stay-at-home-orders, quarantines, lockdowns, and COVID-19, and you’re asking for a move from hell.


Changing apartments in NYC is a Trainwreck using the subway
Empty New York City subways are a little crazy. Makes you want to leave sooner than later. Changing apartments in NYC is a Trainwreck using the subway

The trainwreck of moving apartments

New York City is not for the faint of heart. It’s a city full of what I like to call crazy peeps. “Crazy peeps” are the people who willingly chose to live in a place full of crime, grime, and rats! Let me be clear… I am one of those crazy peeps. I moved from my safe, clean, and quiet town in Pennsylvania to be in NYC.

A part of me wonders if I could have avoided the trainwreck of moving apartments this year during a pandemic. Should we have left back in January or booked our flight to France right after our baby Jeanne was born? Then I think of how New York gave me a different mindset. The mindset to preserve and keep going when every sign is saying mayday turn back.

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Moving apartments this year using Air France
Moving apartments this year using Air France. Sadly our AirFrance flights were cancelled 3+ times

Multiple Cancelled Flights so the Hott Mess Begins

I’m the type of person who likes to plan. I plan then and plan then plan some more. No shame here. The only problem is when plans get flushed down the toilet. While quarantines and stay-at-home orders are afoot, moving homes in 2020 is going to be a hott mess.


Mr. French (hubby Yannick), baby Jeanne, Coco, the dog, and I booked Air France tickets for early May. However, it seems flying to France may be harder than we anticipated.


All flights to France were canceled until MAY 2020. Flights to Montpellier were canceled until the foreseeable future. Moving apartments this year was turning out to be no walk in the park.


Changing apartments in NYC is a trainwreck because you need special gear
Changing apartments in NYC is a trainwreck because you need special gear

Moving apartments this year special gear required

I consider myself the veteran of moving. Since embarking to New York City in 2015, I’ve moved apartments five times. I pretty much have it down to a science at this point. 

HOWEVER… Moving homes in 2020 is a hott mess.

This little bird did not realize that moving during a pandemic would require so much preparation. Yannick and I couldn’t just get a Uhaul and be on our way.


1) Most moving companies were closed.

2) Moving and storage boxes were flying off the shelves.

3) A mask was needed whenever we left the house. It should have been easy, I know.

Plus, we had the baby and Coco to keep an eye on. Luckily, we lived near a Home Depot, so eventually, we were able to get a box to later ship to France


Moving Homes in 2020 is a Hott Mess in NYC
New York city streets prior to Covid-19. Moving Homes in 2020 is a Hott Mess in NYC when you need a yellow taxi

Changing Apartments in NYC is a Trainwreck 

Let’s just be clear about moving apartments this year. Changing apartments in NYC is a trainwreck. Who would have guessed that moving homes in 2020 would be such a hott mess?

New York City will always have a special place in my heart as the place where I met Mr. French and had baby Jeanne.


The moving situation in the city that never sleeps is horrific. I would much rather be spending my time looking for apartments in the South of France.

Between the hott mess of affordable options. The utter trainwreck that the quarantine has inflicted on New York City. The normal ugh that just is NYC apartment hunting… I was utterly drained and over it.

Empty Soho New York City Street. Changing apartments in NYC is a Trainwreck.

No Flight Equals no Apartment. Activate Plan B

We were all trying to live inside of this tiny box home without a proper garden or fresh air. Our Air France flight canceled four times! Our New York City Apartment lease was coming to an end. What were we supposed to do next?

Securing another apartment in the city was not an option. Staying in our tiny box, sorry I mean “apartment,” was not an option. Flying to France ahead of schedule also not an option.

My family back in Pennsylvania was beginning to brainstorm what our options could be. There was even talk of moving to a different State if we really couldn’t get a flight out.

After much debate, we activated Plan B.

Stay in America with my side of the family and wait for flights to resume. So much planning went into our move to France. Moving apartments this year felt like a pressure cooker.

Moving apartments this year to a Small Town near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Small town outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania where my family and I stayed while waiting for our flight to France during the lockdown. Moving apartments this year to a Small Town near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Safe at Last

This little bird spent the last three weeks in quiet Pennsylvania without shame. I guess I cannot fault everyone else who also left the city for their hometown. What if their lease was up? The family ran out of money? Or needed to move because it was planned in advance?

Whatever the reason it simply doesn’t change the facts. Moving Homes in 2020 is a Hot Mess and changing apartments this year is only for the crazy peeps.

At least my family and I are safe at last. Comfy and cozy with loved ones in little “PencilVani” my term for Pennsylvania. Judge it you must. This little bird doesn’t care.

I wouldn’t trade my last few weeks in the states with my family. Nor would, will I stop my life out of fear. I say use your common sense and wash your dang hands.

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Kat Hibbert
Kat Hibbert
6 months ago

What a process! With basic life so hard right now, I didn’t even think about how much harder big life changes would be during this time. Good luck to you!

6 months ago

Hot mess indeed. It took some determination from your part. But I am glad that everything worked out in the end.

Charlotte Petit Noble
Charlotte Petit Noble
6 months ago

It must have been so stressful. Are you able to transform your stress into excitement? As much as I think the transformation process is hard, I believe it is super beneficial when facing any type of challenges. By the way, I am a French mom who lives in the US 🙂 I guess that makes us friends!

Barbie Ritzman
Barbie Ritzman
6 months ago

I can’t imagine the stress. Things we took for granted before is no longer the norm. Sorry you had to experience this.

6 months ago

I can’t even imagine how stressful this is for you. I hope you’re able to make it to France soon. In the meantime, welcome back to the Philly burbs from a Philly burbs girl, herself 🙂

Di Hickman
6 months ago

I know someone moving soon, and I was like ‘still?’. I can’t even imagine moving right now. Must be super stressful!

Nina Lehan
Nina Lehan
6 months ago

moving at this time seems so stressful and overwhelming. I wish you good luck

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