How to Celebrate Easter (Pâques) Stuck at Home: Coronavirus Dilemma

how to celebrate easter trapped at home: coronavirus dilemma

When you read Easter is in danger of being canceled, your brain can start to think about how to Celebrate Easter Stuck at Home. It’s genuinely a Coronavirus Dilemma. In France, Easter is known as Pâques. Macron announced Easter would most likely be canceled, leaving the French people to spend Pâques stuck at home this year. I am guilty of reading every news article that mentions Plâques stuck at home. My computer screen has become my permanent newspaper for all things CORONA!

The more I saw the headlines, “Quarantine to postpone Easter,” I realized Easter cannot be canceled. We simply have to adjust the location in which we celebrate. Celebrating Easter stuck at home will prove to not be a quarantine dilemma after all.


celebrating easter by watching the church service online
My local church in New York City C3.NYC & C3.NYC.Paris offers online church services. I know many churches are following suit


Quarantine Dilemma Fix: Watch Church Online

Whoever said Easter was canceled clearly didn’t understand the reason for celebrating Easter in the first place. We as in Christians that is. I know many peeps seem to think Christmas & Easter are some kinds of secular celebrations. I don’t blame them. With all the T.V. commercials, presents, Santa Clause and Easter Bunny, it’s no wonder many people think Easter can be “postponed.” News Flash you can’t postpone the celebration of Jesus’ rising…


Okay, now that we got that out of the way. I can lead to how the Coronavirus Dilemma can be solved. Many churches have decided to turn to live streams to keep their services running. My hometown church in Doylestown, PA, USA, currently has live church services every Sunday.


Since moving to New York City in 2015, I’ve found a new church home called C3.NYC in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. C3.NYC is also opening a church in Paris in early 2021, which is exciting. I’ve never liked watching megachurch services on T.V., but it’s been a godsend to be able to watch my local church on my computer with the family.

Go onto your church’s website, and more likely than not, there will be a section to view their service online. Bam! You can celebrate Easter stuck at home and still feel like you’re celebrating its real purpose.



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Put on a church to deal with the easter coronavirus dilemma
Celebrate Pláques stuck at home with a Church play


Celebrate Easter trapped at home with a play

I know Christmas is synonymous with church plays but hear me out. Easter is hands down, followed closely by Palm Sunday, the holiest day in Christianity. Why can’t we put on an Easter Play too! 

We are slowly running out of Indoor Baby Activities in our house. My baby is giving me those eyes of boredom. Who knew a baby could get bored. I say throw on your Sunday best and get the crafts set up. It’s time for a house play. There is no reason to let the Coronavirus dilemma keep everything on hold.

My family typically doesn’t have Easter decorations around the house, so we use our imagination. Find your favorite Easter bible verse and use them as your script. Not religious, you can create an Easter play based on the Easter Bunny. Hop Hop Hop


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How to celebrate easter stuck at home

Paint easter eggs to overcome easter trapped at home


Paint Easter Eggs to fix the Quarantine Dilemma

In a time of crisis, the town is usually stocking up on milk, bread, and eggs. I will admit to being in love with painting Easter eggs. The memories that are attached to it cannot be erased. I have ingrained the sounds of grandma in the other room, telling us not to break anything. Now that I have a baby, I want to share those memories with her. Luckily this is one activity we can do stuck at home.

I don’t recommend going outside to buy eggs just to paint them, and I certainly don’t advise painting them unless you plan on eating them later for dinner. I usually have a supply of eggs on the ready so all I have to worry about are the supplies.



Put on a home Easter Egg Hunt to celebrate Easter stuck at home
Did you know you can do an Easter Egg hunt while inside your home



Coronavirus Dilemma Solve: Easter Egg Hunt Indoors

Now that all the eggs are painted it’s time for the hunt! Who doesn’t love the classic Easter egg hunt? Sometimes you’ll find candy inside or if you’re lucky money. My baby is young so she won’t be having a hunt for money but she can crawl around to hunt for baby treats.


Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania my family usually had Easter egg hunts at the church. Once we got older we would move the festivities indoors. Do you know how hard it is to keep track of six girls outdoors? Celebrating Easter trapped at home won’t be an issue this year since I already have my hiding places picked out.


  1. Hiding a bunch of eggs in plain sight… Jeanne’s a baby, so I have to make it easier on her
  2. Placing an egg on her highchair table. The look on her face when she sees that little egg will be priceless
  3. Her bedroom. I would put the egg on her bed, but she has a crib. It’s safe to say handing her the egg will do just fine.
  4. Playing peek-a-boo with the egg. Showing the baby the egg and hiding the egg is pretty close to perfection.


Home is where movies are meant to be watched
Watching movies inside as a Family is great for any occasion



Pâques stuck at home fix! Watch movies as a family.

I think we all can admit when we’ve watched one too many hours of Netflix. During this lockdown, my family and I have watched hours and hours of Netflix, followed by Amazon Prime Video. What better way to enjoy Pâques than to view a few movies. I’ve wanted to watch I still believe with KJ Apa from Riverdale in theaters, but it’s now available on Amazon, so that’s a win.

I suggest asking your kids what movie or T.V. show they would like to see. Then starting the viewing party as a family. This is not the day to be spread out within the house. This is the time to come together.


7 ways to celebrate easter this year 2020
Celebrate Easter at home with your loved ones to stay safe


Facetime with the family for Easter

Who would have guessed that FaceTime would be the way to we’d be spending Easter stuck at home. One of the main factors of the Coronavirus Dilemma is the idea of being isolated from everyone, including your family.

I supposed we should be thanking Apple along with Skype for creating video chat services that keep people connected. Plâques stuck at home is not something any of us enjoy, and yet we find ourselves in that very predicament.


Celebrated Easter Trapped at Home through FaceTime or Video Chat
FaceTime or Video Chat is the best way to stay in touch with family during Easter


Staying connected during Easter from across the planet

Every day we FaceTime with Marie-Claude, Yannick’s Maman. Typically it’s to check in on baby Jeanne and see how the move to France is coming along. With the chaos, the move across the pond has been put on hold.


Celebrate Easter stuck at home Celebrating Easter stuck at home has never been easier Quarantine Dilemma will not stop you and your family from enjoying dinner


Celebrate Easter stuck at home with dinner as always

If Marie-Claude were in the States, we would be enjoying her classic French Easter dinner fit with roasted ham and steamed vegetables. We’ll just have to wait until next year for that treat. 

While in the States, Yannick, Jeanne, Coco Bacon, and I will celebrate Plâques stuck at home by enjoying an American-style dinner. I like to think of it as our last hurrah meal in America before jet setting off to the South of France, where I can continue to write blogs about France



  1. 09/04/2020 / 03:16

    First of all Easter, Passover, LIFE it isn’t cancelled we just have to adapt, dive into our creativity, & then of course OVERCOME! So I love how you came up with great reminders on how to celebrate Easter while stuck at home during the Corona quarantine!
    We will definitely have a fun dinner planned as a family and we are lucky because our catholic church has been improving their live stream for mass each week. So we hope to be able to all have mass in our living room! I plan on even dressing up just to set my mindset properly.
    I totally forgot about coloring eggs too! So thank you for the reminder cause I need to see if the corner store has coloring kits!

    • 18/04/2020 / 20:40

      Eric, I couldn’t agree more. When I saw Macron and Co. saying Easter was canceled I literally laughed out loud and thought they are crazy. Stuck at home or no you cannot cancel life or holidays or memories because of this insane situation we are all sucked in. SHEESH the government can get over it.

      I’m glad you still had mass. We watched the Sunday service online. It’s taken some getting used to but alas it works.

  2. Anirban Panda
    09/04/2020 / 07:27

    These are really good tips. I’m planning to make a tasty dinner by the way. Hopefully we’ll come out of the situation soon.

  3. Jim
    09/04/2020 / 09:54

    That’s some really nice ideas for anyone who wants to spent easter at home! really nice of you to post an article like that. Stay home everyone. Stay safe. It will all be okay so

  4. Jim
    09/04/2020 / 09:54

    These are really good tips for anyone who wants to make the best of Easter while staying at home. Really great article. Thanks for sharing.

  5. 09/04/2020 / 17:11

    I like how you suggest Facetime/video calling family – what a great way to keep in touch and keep “normal” contact with loved ones, even if holidays have to modified for the current crisis. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    • 18/04/2020 / 20:36

      Hi Morgan. We’ve been using FaceTime to communicate with our grandparents and trying to tell them all about what’s happening in our lives

  6. Bethan Taylor
    09/04/2020 / 17:19

    I love these suggestions, in difficult times I think celebrations become more important than ever, even if they don’t look the same as they’ve done before. Wishing you and yours a very blessed Easter x

    • 18/04/2020 / 20:34

      Wishing you a blessed Easter as well. Remembering to still celebrate is sooo important

  7. 09/04/2020 / 23:39

    We don’t Celebrate Easter but I am loving all these ideas. I think it’s important to ‘carry on’ and try to retain as much normal life as we can.

    • 18/04/2020 / 20:33

      I know Passover fell on the same day or the day before and it was a hard change or pace. Carrying on as normal is the only way to get through

  8. Rebecca M. Sanchez
    10/04/2020 / 18:26

    Love all of the how to celebrate Easter Well stuck at home ideas! The best one is always hiding Easter eggs, I love that! It reminds me of when I was a kid and we used to do this in our house and in our yard it can be a super fun time.

    • 18/04/2020 / 20:32

      Hi Rebecca! That was an important one for me on the list. We painted eggs and hide them without fail every year

  9. Khushboo Wase
    10/04/2020 / 20:31

    These are some really good ideas to celebrate easter in this lockdown period.

    • 18/04/2020 / 20:31

      I’m glad you thought so. It’s hard to celebrate the way we used to during a time of isolating

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